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My story

I fell in love with jewellery as a very young girl. I was fascinated with the works whenever I saw a jewellery shop and I decided to go to jewellery school to become goldsmith.

My curiosity and desire to create helped me to discover new knowledge and techniques in jewellery making.

With a master's certificate and after more than 20 years of experience, I am pleased I, can offer you custom exquisite jewellery carefully handcrafted in my workshop and with a touch of handpainting, if required.

Jewellery to perfection - design at its best & craftmanship at its finest.

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Company info

Katja Marolt s.p.
Mala Loka 1
8212 Velika Loka

VAT ID: 56300182

Bank account:
IBAN: SI56 0297 1009 1887 440